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December 26th, 1999 - Omaha, Nebraska to Laramine, Wyoming : Day 73

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December 26, 1999

This is Doug Pape. Today we traveled from Omaha, Nebraska to Laramine, Wyoming.

Good morning from the travelling crew. Today is the day after Christmas and we're driving from Omaha, Nebraska to Laramie, Wyoming. As previously mentioned, we spent the night at Nicks' sister and brother-in-laws home in Omaha. They were most hospitable and gracious to this rag tag bunch of motley travellers. The house was full of various and sundry relatives that had planned their visits long before we showed on the scene and we were extremely grateful that they could squeeze us in on such short notice. They went above and beyond the call of duty providing homecooked meals ,warm beds,and much needed showers(did I mention the big screen T.V.). And how did TeamAroundTheWorld1999 express their gratitude? By disgracefully depositing unsightly gear oil stains in their driveway. Nick promised to fly back this summer and clean them up.

We said our goodbyes and hit the road, loaded down with an embarrassing supply of road goodies and bottled water, courtesy of our hosts. Todd was behind the wheel of Alaska because Nick was still sick with pneumonia and Jeff was piloting Hercules. Overnight my mild case of bejubi had progressed into full blown flu. I slept most of the way to Laramie, waking up intermittently to gross out jeff with a cocophony of disgusting snorts and coughing fits. Sorry bro.